The kraft bag is a natural, renewable, recyclable and biodegradable packaging, which collaborates effectively with the fulfilment of the objectives of the National Integrated Waste Plan, as it relates to commercial bags. 

The consumer prefers paper versus other packaging materials, as it is the most sustainable option. This is confirmed by the survey and six other European countries, which says that 93% of consumers consider paper to be sustainable and should be used more as packaging. Therefore, 86% of citizens say that, if for the same product they can choose between a paper and other material packaging, they would choose the paper one.

The ถุงคราฟท์ have many advantages; we have selected 10 which justify their purchase and use.

1.            They reduce climate change. Trees are the lungs of the planet; thanks to the paper industry the forests are being repopulated.

2.            They are recyclable. The raw material in which they have been made is recyclable, that is, convertible into another paper product.

3.            They are reusable. They have a long and extensive life; customers can give them a thousand uses and even give them to other hands for their use to continue.

4.            They are sustainable. Before the guidelines of the Integrated National Waste Plan that establish the reduction of consumption of single-use bags and the prohibition of non-biodegradable bags.

5.            They make a mark. A good packaging is one of the fundamental axes of a business. They are an excellent advertising tool that walks through the streets of our city our brand.

6.            They are resistant. For the thickness of the paper, its quality and the handles they carry. The new generation of paper bags are very resistant to weight and humidity.

7.            They are customizable. Customizing paper bags, with your logo or brand, your design, your phrase…

8.            They slow down CO2 emissions. In the manufacture of paper in Spain saves 1.2 million tons of CO2 per year, which would mean removing 500,000 cars from circulation.

9.            Different formats and utilities. Different sizes, types of paper, formats and utilities, for food, for clothes, for fruits, for pharmacies, for bookstores, for jewelleries…

10.          They are exclusive. Designed exclusively for each client, which provides great comfort and specialization for business, being an excellent means of business advertising.

Because it is easier to recycle, it is biodegradable and less waste of CO2 into the air. Once we have named the three main advantages of paper bags, we will know why they are more beneficial for their use in our society. Another advantage that we can name of the paper bags is that although it seems that no, they are made to hold a lot of weight.

In addition, the bags are ecological, which means they are biodegradable. This means that they take three to six months to degrade without leaving any kind of toxic residue. With ecological paper bags environmental law requires that for each tree that is cut to create four more trees are planted and land is repopulated and can be converted into forests.